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Injury Doctors Now – NYC Downtown Office Injury Doctors Now – NYC Downtown Office

Downtown Chiropractic, PC is a independently owned healthcare practice, and is a member of InjuryDocsNow.com

Looking for a No-Fault doctor near New York City or Healthcare Provider in Downtown Manhattan?

New York City Wellness is an Injury Docs Now member that serves the Downtown and Financial District and surrounding area near the meat packing district. The specialists at this member’s location practice in sports medicine, pain management, chiropractic, physical therapy, internal medicine, foot surgery, and acupuncture among others. Car accident victims looking for a no-fault doctor near Downtown Manhattan in NYC don’t need to travel very far, Greenwich street location is the neighboring area.

Some of the services provided at this location are delivered through healthcare practices that are not affiliated with Injurydocsnow.com or its members.

Offered Services

Orthopedic Surgeon
Pain Management Doctor
Physical Therapy
Electrodiagnostic Testing
Diagnostic Testing
Sports Medicine Doctor
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