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Injury Doctors Now – Mid Island Office Injury Doctors Now – Mid Island Office

*DeMartinis Chiropractic is a independently owned healthcare practice, and is a member of

Welcome to Demartinis Chiropractic – Your Premier No-Fault Doctor in Mid Island, Staten Island

Demartinis Chiropractic, a valued member of Injury Docs Now, is dedicated to serving the Mid Island area and the broader Staten Island community. Our clinic specializes in chiropractic, physical therapy, and pain management, offering a focused approach to ensure your health and recovery needs are met with the utmost care.

Quality Chiropractic and Therapy Services in Mid Island, Staten Island

As a part of the Injury Docs Now network, Demartinis Chiropractic is committed to providing top-tier healthcare services. Our team’s expertise in various therapeutic disciplines ensures a comprehensive and patient-centric treatment experience, whether you’re recovering from an injury or managing chronic pain.

Easily Accessible Healthcare in Staten Island

For those in search of a no-fault doctor in the upper Mid Island area, our clinic is conveniently located near the center of Staten Island, close to the Expressway. We understand the importance of accessible healthcare, especially for car accident victims, and strive to offer high-quality medical care within your local community.

Visit Us in Mid Island, Staten Island, NY

Your health and well-being are our highest priorities. Whether you’re a resident of Staten Island or specifically looking for a healthcare provider in the Mid Island area, Demartinis Chiropractic is here to provide exceptional care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our range of healthcare services. We’re dedicated to guiding you towards a healthier future.

In Need of a No-Fault Doctor or Healthcare Provider in Mid Island, Staten Island?

Choose Demartinis Chiropractic for comprehensive care. Our dedication to your well-being ensures you receive the best possible care in Staten Island, NY.

Seeking a No-Fault doctor in Staten Island, NY, or a Healthcare Provider in Mid Island? We’re here to support you.

*Some of the services provided at this location are delivered through healthcare practices that are not affiliated with or its members. However, they all agree to accept no-fault insurance as well as workers compensation.

Offered Services

Orthopedic Surgeon
Pain Management Doctor
Physical Therapy
Electrodiagnostic Testing
Diagnostic Testing

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